Document Automation

Bob Shaver is a very busy IP lawyer who has to keep track of thousands of tasks. Patent and trademark processes generally take years and involve many pieces of legal correspondence that have to be produced correctly and on time. Bob and his staff had been using a rather complicated and expensive system that demanded on-site support and expensive contracts for upgrades. ATP analyzed his process and adapted SharePoint and Microsoft Office to simplify their work and get everyone working (literally) off/on the same web page and Office files.

Considering the tremendous competition for customers, businesses must find new ways to satisfy larger numbers of clients with quality products.

Members of the ATP team have spent many years optimizing processes and developing document automation techniques. We believe that our abilities in that regard are world class but we don't believe in doing anything unnecessarily complicated to achieve the desired result. We specialize in extending, not reinventing software that our clients use every day as part of their business activities.